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About Us


I must admit that being raised in a family of twelve children and the oldest, and a mother that had

no limits when it came to helping others contribute to my love and passion for teaching. Never once did I question my Career I knew that I wanted to teach. Traveling throughout the years with the military community as a military wife gave me an international opportunity to share activities and ideas with others in the community as I raised my very own. I’ve worked with various programs and schools both private and public for many years before coming to Imagination Academy.

Imagination Academy has given me yet another opportunity to serve my community. It’s a magical place here and the children love it! We create and provide a positive environment for children to learn and explore each day. There is nothing better than leaving a foot print of fundamental learning in a child’s life!

Bernice Black


When I first sent my twins to preschool, my son cried for 6 weeks straight.  I had no idea why he was crying or what to do about it.  In defeat, I finally pulled them both and enrolled them in another school. He cried for only 1½ days!  I had to ask why he was crying so much before and not at this new school.  The answer was very simple: this new school met his needs for security, attention and activity.  His teacher comforted him when he cried, and helped him discover fun new things to explore so that he wouldn’t feel sad.  This experience changed my life and started this journey that is my career in early childhood education.  My mission in Imagination Academy is to foster a school where children are accepted for who they are, the teachers are empowered to use their training and skills to create challenging lessons, and families are welcomed and honored.  

Sonna Dhamrait


Our Teachers

We have a teaching team that is as diverse as the community which we serve.  Our teachers are well educated, caring and experienced.  We also have fluently bilingual Spanish teachers who celebrate the joys of dual language in the classroom.   

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Imagination Academy to bring high quality care and education to a diverse set of students.  We honor the uniqueness in each child and celebrate the strength that is in each family unit.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Imagination Academy celebrates inclusion, respect and diversity.  We admit children regardless of race, religion, gender, national and ethnic origin, and we will not discriminate in enrollment, education, or administration. Our students and teachers come from diverse backgrounds and have diverse learning styles.

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