When I first sent my twins to preschool, my son cried for 6 weeks straight.  I had no idea why he was crying or what to do about it.  In defeat, I finally pulled them both and enrolled them in another school. He cried for only 1½ days!  I had to ask why he was crying so much before and not at this new school.  The answer was very simple: this new school met his needs for security, attention and activity.  His teacher comforted him when he cried, and helped him discover fun new things to explore so that he wouldn’t feel sad.  This experience changed my life and started this journey that is my career in early childhood education.  Now when I take parents on a tour of Imagination Academy, I remember my son and that adventure we had so many years ago.  My hope is that you will see Imagination Academy as the place where your children are accepted and cherished in a fun and safe learning environment, just as my son was so many years ago.
Sonna Dhamrait